Natural Sleep Ultimate Flotation Mattress

Product Description

The Natural Sleep Ultimate Flotation Mattress provides incredible comfort with a sumptuous layer of memory foam. You also get excellent support for your entire body, regardless of your weight or height as the thick layers mould to every curve. This relieves pressure on pain points, essential for those on bed rest or who prefer to sleep on their side in order to stop snoring.The interior material quickly adjusts to your body weight to ensure that sudden movements don’t wake you or your partner, while the insulating properties help to keep you warm throughout the night.

Features of The Ultimate Flotation Mattress:-

Softest quality fillings,
Soft to medium firmness,
Faux pillow top,
Memory foam layer,
Pocket Sprung Core,
Handfinished quilted top layer,
Feel refreshed & invigorated after sleeping,
Reduced stress & discomfort levels,
Orthopaedic support,
Non-turn mattress,
Manufacturers 5 year quarantee,
Made in Ireland.
Price available upon request
Maximum quantity available reached.

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